Advanced Radon Services Kansas City

Welcome to Advanced Radon Services Kansas City.  For radon mitigation of homes in Kansas City and extended surrounding areas, please call (913) 489-1427 .

Radon Levels in Kansas City

According to the EPA Radon Map, Kansas City is a Zone 1 area. This means that “homes in this area have a predicted average indoor level greater than 4.0 pCi/L”. Almost every subdivision is sitting on a large amount of limestone rock. This rock contains uranium that is breaking down and working its way into … Continue reading

How radon is removed from Homes

The most common method for removing radon from homes (radon mitigation, radon repair or radon reduction) is active soil depressurization. We have used this type of system on homes ranging from multiple crawl space homes built in the 1800’s up to working with builders on brand new construction. For homes with a single crawl space, … Continue reading

Advanced Radon Services Kansas City

My name is Jim Holiday, owner of Advanced Radon Services Kansas City. We offer interior and exterior radon mitigation systems. Each home is different and sometimes one system is a better option than the other. Sometimes a well hidden exterior is actually a better option rather than running pipe through closets, across garage ceiling¬†etc… We … Continue reading